12 March 2017

Snow In The Spring Time

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It’s 12:13 am, the only time of the day where I can feel the magic in my fingers, songs in my head or a tangle of words, scrambled like a “barrel of monkeys” crying out to be free.

Blue Bird Cafe March 2017- LOW (1012 of 32)

Kris Bradley debuting at the Blue Bird Cafe

I slide into my generously comfortable bed overflowing with inspiration, after capping off a long week of five days of songwriting and six shows by supporting my housemate making her debut at the “Blue Bird Cafe”.

Every day something incredible happens in this town, I still pinch myself. At the Blue Bird, tonight humbly sat Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame member, Tony Arata who is best known for writing the Garth Brookes hit “The Dance” as he watched the talented writers. Wednesday, I played my regular spot at “The Row”, and I was followed by Grammy nominee “John Berry” who performed his 1994 no.1 hit “Your Love Amazes Me.” One of my dear friend’s daughter is personal assistance for Vince Gill and Brad Pasley. Nichole Kidman is regularly spotted at Green Hills Mall, where I frequently window shop. And the list goes on and on, I sit here and think how cool it is to be on my path following so many people I admire and aspire to achieve similar goals.

The last month has been a constant burn. Lots of writing, lots of gigging. I flew to Texas last week for an audition as I sat on the runway in Nashville at 7 am praying we would be safe as the rest of the town bunkered down in their basements from a tornado touching down.

Processed with Rookie Cam

Gina Venier and I in Kentucky

Last weekend I road tripped to Kentucky to watch my Aussie sisters Dozzi and audition for the venue they were playing with one of my favorite people Gina Venier.

OK, I fell asleep… here is my second attempt at writing this blog.

Emotionally I feel like I am back to being “me”. It was a hard few weeks, but finally, I have worked through the withdrawals of missing home.

I woke up this morning to the first time I’ve ever seen snow fall from the sky today. I had to go straight to Facebook live and share it with Australia, so jump on my facebook to see me light up and buzzing like a child with a mouth full of cotton candy.

I have sold out of all the CD I brought with me to the USA over 150 CD’s sold in just seven weeks. I want to thank everyone who has come to my shows and have been supporting me.

This month on the 10th of March I celebrated 6 years since the release of my debut album. White Flag released 3 top ten charting singles, hit no.11 on the ARIA chart and was nominated for 2 Golden Guitar Awards.

17202890_10155234327587268_3456454954566830587_nAlthough it’s been a long time between drinks, I am so grateful to invest this time into writing and de
veloping. Living in an instant market where so much music comes out every day and musicians now having the ability to record in their bedroom it’s so hard to not get lost in the noise of “another artists”. I am still unsure what my future is as an artist. However, I know the next time I release I hope it’s at a whole new level and a cut above the noise and can really resonate with people.

Yesterday I did the maths and have been writing songs for 18 years and coming up to 10 years being a full-time musician in May. I am so blessed to do what I do, even when I feel like it’s been a burden at times. Moving over the other side of the world I purely make my income from tips and CD sales. It’s pushed me to be a better performer, I am loving this whole new challenge of survival as I connect with people from across the USA.

Also to wrap up my blog I want to take a moment to thank my Facebook supporters this week we cracked 9 thousand followers. I believe creating music and building a fan base is like a pyramid scheme, one person tells another person and so on. So thank you for sharing, liking, commenting and being so supportive.

I love you guys so much, I feel so lucky to not be walking this path alone. Today I will be editing another video blog so please keep an eye out for the new blog coming soon. xx

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