03 June 2017

International Recognition For Katrina

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Gunnedah’s songbird Katrina Burgoyne has added another accolade to her collection after placing in the International Songwriting Competition.

Currently based in Nashville, Katrina entered the song When I’m Broken in the country category and the unsigned only category. She placed third in country and received an honourable mention in unsigned only.

When I’m Broken

Katrina received the news via email and was thrilled.

“I am so over the moon,” she said.

“To have just landed in Nashville to chase this dream, to be recognised in a competition of this size, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.”

The news came amidst a busy season for Katrina, with a full-on writing and performing schedule.

“To be honest, this town is all about connections and creating a buzz. I’ve been busy, working hard, writing lots and building my craft every day,” she said.

“I’m writing 3-5 days a week, building my network and meeting insanely talented people that inspire me. I have had the opportunity to tour playing radio stations and shows across Alabama, Tennessee, Gerogia, Virgina, West Virgina, Indiana, Florida and Kentucky.

“I’ve been going live every Tuesday morning on Facebook, sharing two original songs and sharing stories of my adventures.

“I recently had the pleasure of attending the Key West Songwriters Festival down in Florida. I stood in a tiny bar filled with hit songwriters, patting my idols on the back as they got off stage and shared a drink with them.”

katrina_burgoyneWishing half of my lifetime I could live in this incredible city… I wake up every day pinching myself… ❤️

Though moving to Nashville was a massive undertaking, the songstress said she’s so glad she did.

”I don’t think anything can prepare you for moving countries,” she said.

“It’s been challenging but incredibly rewarding. I’m finally settled in and have found my feet.

“I’ve never felt such a belonging or had my spirit feel so alive. I’m writing better music then I’ve ever written and living this dream. Anything more beyond this is just extra.”

STORY BY Vanessa Höhnkeb – The Northern Dailey Leader

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